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She’s a very genuine brand ambassador for us. More recently Priyanka Chopra has been wearing our bag in the forest Mini Maestra on her Baywatch press tour. Because of her, a lot of South Asian women starting becoming more aware of our brand which is exciting, allowing us to capture the attention of a different market. Do you กระเป๋าสตางค์ใบสั้น find a difference between your Asian customers versus your American customers? Actually, I think we’re speaking to the professional woman who has a similar lifestyle. She travels a lot and lives in a big city so even though we launched in the U.S., Hong Kong has already become a significant market compared to another city in the States.  For Hong Kong, I think people like the Mini Maestra because the women here are just more petite and they love the backpack functionality because people don’t drive here, but in L.A. people like the Doctor bag because they drive. Hong Kong women are also very stylish; they love the uniqueness and they’re early adopters which is why we’re offering monogramming as well as a made-to-order option. What would we usually find in your handbag?  When I meet partners or investors, I would show them my bag and I always have my passport in it because I’m always travelling. This week I’m in Hong Kong and from here I’m going to Bali.

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North Korea Doubling down, Mr Kim noted that Mr Trump's open expression of the "will to 'totally destroy' a sovereign state… makes even those with normal thinking faculty think about discretion and composure". The implication here is clear - Kim Jong-un does not see Mr Trump as a man in possession of "normal thinking [faculties]". What then does Mr Kim propose to do with a leader that he clearly regards as unstable and irrational? Clearly angered by the threat to "destroy" his country, Mr Kim promises to "tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire". This is not hard to interpret - Mr Kim is using this statement to provide a pretext for a spectacular provocation involving his ever more impressive ballistic missiles and his increasingly more powerful nuclear weapons. These provocations could come in many forms. Kim Jong-un has already got his foot in the door in terms of overflying Japan with ballistic missile systems - he has done so twice in the past month. Image caption Kim Jong-un watched a recent missile test in person He could endeavour to do so with North Korea's Hwasong-14 intercontinental-range ballistic missile. Separately, he could test-fire a longer-range submarine-launched ballistic missile or salvo-launch intermediate-range ballistic missiles in the direction of the US territory of Guam. Finally, North Korea hasn't carried out deliberate conventional attacks against the US or its allies since 2010, when it shelled a South Korean island and sunk a South Korean naval ship, killing more than 40 sailors. It could attempt to seize the initiative with new provocations of this kind.

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